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Jan 2024 2024 annual higher Prebates

an 2023 Freedom Caucus extracts concession from 
                "Speaker" McCarthy to get a hearing on FAIRtax.
                 Speaker MCCarthy then grants "Regular Order"
                 so it must first get through Ways & Means Committee.
Jan 2023  FAIRtax reintroduced - only 11 original Co-Sponsors
                 (meaningless anyway), lowest ever (?).
                 It's been reintro'd into every new Congress since 1999.
Jan 2023  Incredibly, the Freedom Caucus extracted a vote                                         on the Bill from Kevin Mccarthy. Maybe the vote will                                   finally put a stake through the heart of this horror.
Jan 2019  FAIRtax re-intro - only 25 Co-Sponsors
Jul-Aug 2018 The Great FAIRtax "Emperor" Neal Boortz has no clothes!                      - see last page, What's New
Oct. 2017  Tax Reform: Misc. Thoughts re: Individuals
Oct. 2017  Tax Reform: GOP's Fatal Sellout
Oct. 2017  Tax Reform: Marginalization of Taxpayers 
Feb. 2017  Tax Reform: Stop the Slaughter of Taxpayers
Jan. 2017  FAIRtax re-introduced with the least Co-                                                    Sponsorships in years - see Nov. 2015, Kevin                                          Brady, below).
10-8-15  YouTube video Flat Tax vs FAIRtax 
4-6-16    New Flat Income Tax vs FAIRtax slides

June 2016; The GOP Tax Reform Blueprint was published - See my comment The GOP  seeks to reduce taxpayers down to less than 50% of the total. We must get Congress to reverse this long-term Progressive trend, or the Republic is lost.
See full GOP ALERT!
Other News:

July, 2106 GOP Platform:

"To guard against hyper-taxation of the American people, in any restructuring of the federal

tax system, any value added tax or national sales tax must be tied to the simultaneous repeal of the Sixteenth Amendment, which established the federal income tax".


The FAIRtax(sm) DOES NOT provide for that - instead, it has a laughable "Sunset Clause" that Congress would surely repeal and then enact a new Income Tax, in addition to the


Feb, 2016 - New AFFT lobbying push  "Don't bother with FT's details.."
Nov. 2015 - U.S. Rep. Kevin Brady is the new Chairman of the House
Ways & Means (the powerful tax-writing) Committee. The Wall St. Journal
asked him if the FAIRtax(sm) would be on his agenda because he is a Co-Sponsor
of H.R. 25 . Chairman Brady politically dismissed the FAIRtax(sm) by saying that it would be a good idea if we were starting from scratch, but it would be too much of a dramatic leap to take from today's system. This exposes the fallacy of AFFT's superficial marketing-hype use of the number of  FAIRtax(sm)'s
Co-Sponsors as a (false) indication of "support" for the FAIRtax(sm). (Note also that almost all of the FAIRtax(sm) Co-Sponsors ALSO Co-Sponsor H.R. 27 which does
NOT repeal the SS/Medicare "taxes" as the FAIRtax(sm) does, so it is most uncertain what the FAIRtax(sm) Co-Sponsors really support with respect to this very important element of tax reform and of the FAIRtax(sm) bill) 
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*See also AFFT's Lori Klein's  attempt to prevent the public from hearing any negative comments about FT
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A Very Flat Income Tax  vs the so-called "FairTax" (FT)
A Very Flat Income Tax - the discussion begins here
Our current federal tax system has grown into a multi-headed monster, that does not collect tax revenues efficiently nor effectively and that hinders our economy, while consuming far
too much of our time, energies and resources. We must make major changes. 
The goal is to develop a new tax system that is efficient, effective, and fair, and which takes very little time, energy and cost to deal with and would tend to spur economic growth.  
After much study and analysis, I have concluded that the FT is a very dangerous proposal - Progressive wealth redistribution and a financial scam, which is superficially and deceptively marketed by Americans For Fair Taxation (AFFT), a national grass roots lobby.
We must compare any proposal to the current tax system, not merely to other proposals.
If a proposal is a terrible idea on its own (i.e., the FT), it should fail on its own. If you can find a flaw in the Flat Income Tax, that does not per se make the FT a good idea - FT must stand on its own, but it cannot. Each proposal (in its totality) must be weighed against the current system - the Flat Income Tax is a big improvement while the FT is worse, in its own special ways.
You might also wish to review a few Other Tax Ideas.
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